I create a wide variety of apparel to suit different size pets and owners' tastes and needs.
Here are only a few of the many of my current creations I have made to suit your pets:

  •      Jackets - Cotton, denim, rain, Carhartt , cargo, etc.
  •      Snowsuits
  •      Pajamas - all seasons
  •      Coats - Full kinds (like people's) and blanket coats/vests
  •      Fall and winter hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweaters
  •      Swimsuits
  •      Hats - winter, summer-baseball caps, bonnets, etc.
  •      Shirts - flannel, cotton, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.
  •      Dresses - cotton, flannel, denim, lacy, corduroy, etc.
  •      Harness - jackets w/ matching leashes - all season's thicknesses
  •      Bandannas, shawls, ties, bow-tie collars
  •      Housecoats, robes - summer and winter




"Embroidery Designs and Letters Available on your Pets new clothing Now Available."


I Also make harness-jackets and clothes to custom fit KITTIES too.

Current patterns and sizes I have created for Kitties so far range from X-small to XL.
And for Doggies pattern/sizes are XXXS to 5XL.

I also make and carry in-between, long, and Xlong sizes for the special ones.

All the pictures below are things I have hand crafted over the first 10 years.

Here are some new creations for 2019

Here's a small sample of a variety of shirts, sweaters/hoodies, dresses,carriers, and even nice warm sleeping bags,

and much, much more .

​Here's some new things I've created for 2018

​And Much Much Much More.

          Nighttime Clothing

Happy Furry Customers 



New creations in 2020


Max's Custom Pet Clothing

Here is a guide on what measurements I take for custom fitting. Use some of these to take of your pet when coming to events to buy apparel for your pet  (when unable to bring your pet or when some events are non-pet friendly) 

Also, here is a picture for how I measure a pet.

(Do you best to read my scribble:)

Call if any questions or you need assistance on measuring. 

The measurements needed depends 0n what kind of apparel your are buying.