Max's Custom Pet Clothing

The next chapter in my life starts now in 2017. 

The Shoppe is now closed, due to a serious health scare.

I tell you all, it sure woke me up.

If I don't take care of me, then who will take care of my fur babies. They have done so much for me and have always been there for me, so now it is time to take better care of me to be there for them more.

I have over-extended my body in the first half of my life.

​So now time to be better to it.

About Max's

The Shoppe's story: 

I believe that our beloved pets are part of our families.
They should be comfortable and happy;
and at least a little spoiled, (or A Lot.)

So, I have become a Tailor for pets.
I will hand craft the right size for your pet at no extra cost as the similar items on the racks.

You can have something simple as a sweater made and as intricate as a Tuxedo, Wedding dress, or Halloween Costume.

You can also pick from fabrics I have in stock or bring your own.

Our pets should be comfortable and definitely warm; basically, if we need

boots and a thick coat on because we are cold, then our pet probably needs

something on them. 

Pattern Sizes I have in stock and create, so far, is XXXS - 5XL (from under 1 pound to over 200 pounds.

I also believe we should do our best in buying our products locally and American Made.

Hope to see you soon.


Important Note about my apparel page:

The pictures of outfits created and posted on this website and my Facebook page are many of the thousands of things I have created for the events and customer orders.

​It is a portfolio.

The pictures do not necessarily mean that the item is in stock. I make many new things daily and do not inventory specific designs just sizes available.

Max's Story:

In 2008, I retired from The Military. I was injured to the point that I was unable to do my job any more, so they Medically retired me out after 21 years.

At that point they told me to stay home and find a hobby....

1 year later, someone brought me this 3 pound malnourished 5 week old pup that needed rescuing as bad as me. She would be now known as Roxie.

It took two weeks, but I got her feeling good.

It was the middle of the winter, and she was tiny and cold. I had never had a little dog before, let alone dress one; but we went shopping.

It would be my first mission in the civilian world.

I found her one sweater......that fit.

Around this same time frame, A sewing machine was donated to me with some fabric. To quicken up this story, I began making Roxie clothes. She was a mixed breed - Chihuahua,  Miniature Pincher, and Pug, so she was a special size.

Within a year I began setting up at monthly craft shows and selling dog clothes.

It was good, but I wanted to do more of the custom tailoring for the dogs that can't find clothes.

And you can't bring a dog in a craft show to try things on.

So now, here I am years later, with a special little Shoppe to bring in your Dog or Cat (of any size) to try things on or have something made. And have a fresh baked cookie...