Max's Custom Pet Clothing

Max's Story:

In 2008, I retired from The Military. I was injured to the point that I was unable to do my job any more, so they Medically retired me out after 21 years.

At that point they told me to stay home and find a hobby....

1 year later, someone brought me this 3 pound malnourished 5 week old pup that needed rescuing as bad as me. She would be now known as Roxie.

It took two weeks, but I got her feeling good.

It was the middle of the winter, and she was tiny and cold. I had never had a little dog before, let alone dress one; but we went shopping.

It would be my first mission in the civilian world.

We found her one sweater......

Around this same time frame, A sewing machine was donated to me with some fabric. To quicken up this story, I began making Roxie clothes. She was a mixed breed - Chihuahua,  Miniature Pincher, and Pug, so she was a special size.

Within a year I began setting up at monthly craft shows and selling dog clothes.

It was good, but I wanted to do more of the custom tailoring for the dogs that can't find clothes.

And you can't bring a dog in a craft show to try things on.

So now, here I am years later, with a special little Shoppe to bring in your Dog or Cat (of any size) to try things on or have something made. And have a fresh baked cookie...

About Max's

The Shoppe's story: 

I believe that our beloved pets are part of our families.
They should be comfortable and happy;
and at least a little spoiled, (or A Lot.)

So, I have become a Tailor for pets.
I will hand craft the right size for your pet at no extra cost as the similar items on the racks.

You can have something simple as a sweater made and as intricate as a Tuxedo, Wedding dress, or Halloween Costume.

You can also pick from fabrics I have in stock or bring your own.

Our pets should be comfortable and definitely warm; basically, if we need

boots and a thick coat on because we are cold, then our pet probably needs

something on them. 

Pattern Sizes I have in stock and create, so far, is XXXS - 5XL (from under 1 pound to over 200 pounds.

I also believe we should do our best in buying our products locally and American Made.

Hope to see you soon.